Back at it

Hi all,

Been away for a bit…traveling for my job. Thanks to friends who have helped me with my precious pet. Just a fyi: I am no longer accepting comments. Too much spam. Too many SEO solicitations.

So, my latest update is that a few months ago I received a very interesting birthday gift: a DNA testing kit. It’s been a interesting journey. Anyway, it got me to thinking about my Jack Russell, who I rescued from a high kill shelter and I knew probably wasn’t completely a Jack Russell. I’ve always wondered about her and so, I started researching DNA testing for dogs. More specifically, I started trying to find a company who will do this for a mixed breed dog.

I will post more about my journey with this and what I found out next time. See ya.

Where to leave your canine child when you’re gone?

Need to leave town for a few days and can’t take your darling with you? Try Rover.

Rover is the for pets. Just enter your Zipcode, dates you need to leave your pet, if you want to the pet sitting in your home or theirs, and the size of your dog. Press Enter, and up pops a list of potential caregivers, plus a map to show you their locations. You text the persons who look good to you to set up the dates.

Rover provides pet insurance, guarantees sitting services in case something happens with your chosen sitter. You can call them directly 24/7 if there is a problem or need.

I’ve used Rover and I had a roomate at one time who was a Rover provider. She specialized in weekend puppy care. At least 2 weekends a month, I would come home on a Friday afternoon and find an adorable pup at our apartment. My dog loved having a baby around and was very tolerant of our visitors.

Highly recommended. Hey, who does’nt need to go out of town now and again?