Fido Car Riding System



If your furry friend is anything like mine, riding in the car is the ultimate treat. Just saying the word car in my house prompts barking, whining and scratching at the front door. My Jack Russell Terrier is obsessed with traveling new places. To her, the car equals adventure. And, for the most part, she’s great in the car. She sits obediently on the seat next to me and loves to look out at those passing by.

Last Christmas, when it came time to make travel arrangements to see my family for the holidays, I was faced with the same dilemma as many pet owners: finding a pet sitter. With the arrival of sites like Rover, this task has become easier, however, it is still expensive. So, I decided to drive to my family and take my doggy with me. As I prepared for the three day drive, I started researching road trips with dogs. I scoured for tips, advice for how often to stop, products that would make it easier for her, anything that I could find to make the trip more pleasant.

In the process of my research, I began to see the same advice popping up: GET a carseat or harness restraint. Up until this point, I had just let my pup ride shotgun. She is well-behaved and I didn’t see the danger in letting her ride freely in the car around town. I was wrong. After reading horror story after horror story of vehicle accidents involving animals, I quickly began looking for car seat options for her. After a lot of research and review reading, I settled on the Fido Rido car seat system.

Fido Rido is designed specifically for dogs under 25 pounds. My dog is 22 pounds, so she was close to the top end of that requirement. There are a few reasons I went with the Fido Rido:

1. It is similar to a dog bed making it comfortable and relaxing for my dog. She can sleep, sit up and see out the window while riding.

2. Fido Rido is crash tested and uses a two point system to tie into the car seat hooks in most modern vehicles.

3. It comes with its own safety rated harness that buckles the dog into the base for extra security.

Essentially, you secure the base of the booster to the car seat hooks and then use the harness system to secure your dog to the booster. Lastly, the reviews from users made it clear that their dogs rode comfortably and securely. This was really important to me since we would be in the car for long hours each day. I also like how portable it is, so it could even been used if you are hiring transportation while traveling with your pooch. And, the bed can be removed and the plastic basin used for bathing while on the road.

The result: my dog loved the seat and ran to jump into it each time we got in the car. She slept peacefully and could clearly see out the window. I felt safe knowing if I had to slam on the brakes, she wouldn’t go flying through my windshield. We are back now, but she still rides in it around town. She jumps immediately into the backseat when I open the car door. She’s happy. I’m happy. Everyone wins.