Dog TV…For real?

Let me just begin by saying the weather this past winter just kicked my butt. Getting my Jack outside to do her daily business was difficult enough, let alone getting her out for her much needed exercise. The dog park was pile 8 feet high with snow and the freezing pavement was way too precarious to allow her much time outside. Add to that, the extra time I had to allow to get to and from work due to transportation issues…well, lets just say, I began to look into options for her. This led me to Dog TV. Yes, it is a real thing. The experts on the staff have impressive credentials and the website makes the case for why this is valuable for your dog. I was willing to try ANYTHING!

Dog TV recommends watching with your dog. Some of the images and sounds will seem odd to you, the human; remember, this is for your dog. The programing is designed to appeal to the unique sensibilities of the canine brain. There are three types of programs: relaxation, stimulation and exposure. Your dog will LOVE it. You will love it. Try it for one month for about $10.